Cry Aloud: From Protest to Praise

CRY Aloud: From Protest to Praise

This fine collection of poetry and prose by John Lee Parish will surely appeal to the serious-minded for its focus on questions and subjects that weigh on all of our minds.  There is a sympathy for the underdog and a social consciousness in these creations as he relives and relates his Vietnam experiences, his being black, and realizing his ultimate spirituality. 

            Cry Aloud: From Protest to Praise, while certainly an intelligent and literary work, also contains a special appeal to the masses for its honesty, and for how Mr. Parish reaches out to feelings that reflect what may have been lost in the reader’s life, feelings that reflect the respect one has for his or her own life.  It also contains tribute to the special people in his life, who, in a larger sense, are the special people in his life, who, in a larger sense, are the special people in all of our lives: mothers, sisters, brothers, close friends.  His words reflect a wit and purity of thought that will entertain as well as guide.  It is rare when a collection of work by one author can so completely involve the reader that you feel like you are moving through the different stages of life along with him.  Combined with some wonderful illustrations, the author’s words ring true to the mind and the heart.  One quickly gets the idea that this work is unique, and yet it hits home.  It has an impact that will both engross the reader, as well as involve him. 

            John Lee Parish’s Cry Aloud: From Protest to Praise is a breath of fresh air in a world that so badly needs to hear his words.  They speak of injustice, unfairness, and godlessness, but they also impart love, healing, and hope.  For its many strong emotions, this volume is a must reading. 

The illustrations were designed by Linda J. Murray and the Book Cover was designed by Le' Andre Dukes.